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“Isaac is a master photographer who captured all the love and endless fun at my daughter’s wedding.  Thanks to Isaac’s artistry, eye for composition, and his great personality as he worked to take posed and candid pictures, we have fabulous photos that take us right back to special moments and priceless scenes of celebrating with family and friends.  Months ago I recall how excited my daughter was to have Isaac as her wedding photographer.  Then months passed as she and her fiance planned their perfect wedding day to make their dreams come true.  As we all know special events and wedding days pass all too quickly.  Obviously our wedding celebration did and the bride, groom and family would like to live the day and evening all over again tomorrow.  How fortunate we are that Isaac worked endlessly at the wedding and we will be able to recall all the passion and playfulness in a wedding day and reception night to remember forever!  Issac’s energy, artistry, intuitiveness and compassion for families and friends celebrating is reason to put Isaac as “your number one” contact for your special event or memorable wedding day.”
— Cynthia (Molly & Chris wedding), Roswell, Georgia.

“One of the highlights of our wedding was having Isaac as our photographer.  Of course having good photographs is very important – and he took amazing photographs – but just as importantly he and his wife Nancy were just great to be around! Having Isaac as our wedding photographer felt like we had a very charming guest who just happened to be taking a lot of pictures.  He made us laugh, he melted into the background when he needed to be out of the way, and he captured the essence of our wedding story. The morning after our wedding my husband and I took a walk around the lake and talked about the wedding.  He told me how much he enjoyed our wedding, and how he was glad we hadn’t just eloped like he kept suggesting during the excruciating planning process.  He said that he was especially glad that we had hired Isaac as a photographer, that he reminded him of Roberto Benigni, and that he had brought such a positive energy to everything. We left for our honeymoon the week after the wedding, and Isaac stayed up all night to get our photos online for us.  We were both taken aback at the amazing pictures he had taken of our wedding.  It was really delightful to get to relive the wonderful experience through Isaacs beautiful photographs. If you are planning on hiring a photographer and you want someone who is going to go down the checklist and only get the standard wedding photographs, than Isaac might not be the right photographer for you.  If you are looking for someone who is going to be delightful to have around, and will capture not only the standard group shots, but the moments you would never have thought to ask for that tell the story of your day, than we cannot recommend Isaac highly enough.”
— Taymar and Max

“I feel truly lucky to have found Isaac for my wedding photographer. I was moved by his photos when I found his website on-line because unlike so many of the other wedding photographers, they didn’t feel staged or too posed– but instead they have a certain soul and warmth to them. I could immediately tell he is an artist and photo-journalist, not an impersonal wedding vendor cranking out event after event. I crossed my fingers and hoped I could afford him and that he was free on our date– and I was thrilled to learn how open he was to working with us to make it happen! And Isaac was even better than we could have hoped! Our photos are stunning. Truly stunning. He captured us and our guests in the best light. He picked up the small details that made for some of the most incredible shots– from the flowers to the babies laughter to our reflections in the mirror as we got our make up done. Isaac is easy to be around– and for a bride who gets nervous being the center of attention, his energy put me in great spirits. He figures out the right way to be where he needs to be to get the right shot and yet it never feels contrived. He genuinely checks in with you and has a gift for capturing the most meaningful moments. Isaac truly went above and beyond– joining us for the location walk through weeks in advance, taking shots at the rehearsal the day before, joining us for the yoga class we held the morning of the wedding (and getting some of the most incredible shots there as well), and staying on until the final guests left for brunch on Sunday. At one point, months before the wedding, he even called to check in with me because he had heard about the storms in Chicago and wanted to see how I was doing. I can’t rave about Isaac and his work enough. He is even open to travel– so if you don’t live in the area– it is still worth connecting with him about the possibilities. I just hope you get to him quickly before everyone catches on to his talents and he becomes harder to book! I promise you will feel so lucky to have him as a part of your wedding and to have his photos to keep coming back to this experience.”
— Michelle and David, Chicago, Illinois. (link to slideshow)

“I could not have been happier with the way our pictures turned out. They were so beautiful! You captured our wedding exactly how I wanted. You made taking pictures fun, it never felt forced at all. Everyone who has seen the pictures has been so impressed. I don’t think there was a moment you missed, but you blended in so well I didn’t even notice you taking pictures half the time. I would definitely recommend you again and again! I was blessed to have you on our special day. My family and I will cherish the photos forever. Thanks so much Isaac.”
— Karstyn and Jesse, Santa Barbara, California. (link to slideshow)

“My daughter was married this last June. We had a beautiful ceremoy at the Presidio Chapel in downtown SB and then a raging and amazing party at the Carr Winery- also in downtown Santa Barbara. It was a perfect day. And to make sure that I have perfect memories I have the most amazing photos of the event. Isaac Hernandez was present taking the most beautiful pictures the entire time…from when we were getting ready at the Canary Hotel at 2 pm until he was one of the last to leave the reception after 10 pm. He shot over 2000 photographs! He captured my friends and family in such a special way! Not only does my daughter have the most beautiful pictures of “her day’- I, as the mother of the bride have pictures of my entire family and all my friends that I will cherish forever. Not only did Isaac take amazing pictures- he was so helpful and sweet. He was very calming when we had some moments of high stress that goes along with any wedding. He even helped keep our little flower girls calm when we were very stressed out and running late. He was invisible in the ceremony which was perfect and blended in with our party at the winery in a special way. All of my friends and family loved him and his personality. I can recommend Isaac with complete confidence to photograph your special day. He is a one of a kind and goes the extra mile!”
— Karen, mother of Karstyn.

“Isaac is an amazing photographer and artist. He captured the beauty, essence and specialness of my wedding in May 2011 in Ventura, California, with finesse, professionalism and his fun spirit of play! It is not easy to manage 3 generations of family members with 2 very small children all into a gorgeous, happy, lovely photograph! Isaac produced photo after photo of us all with style and grace and new perspectives — even ones we never even thought about! Like most brides, I loved my wedding and the day was incredibly special to me. And like most brides, I could not possibly be everywhere at once. Isaac, however, seemed to be everywhere! He took great candid and fun photos of me and my husband, my family, my guests and my whole reception with great color and detail. Like other brides who wrote reviews, my challenge was to choose from hundreds of beautiful photographs to make an album. They were all so special! Thanks to Isaac, our momentous day has been captured forever. Isaac is the most easy person to work with. He is gracious, kind, patient, respectful, romantic and full of fun and passion. You will be blessed to choose Isaac to photograph your wedding or any other special occasion in your life.”
— Shannon and Nano, Ventura, California.

“Isaac is a masterful artist and photo journalist. I can sum it up as -WOW! Once you meet Isaac you will understand. He is so real! When I see the slideshow of our wedding, (and yes, I indulge in that often) I love it and… I see the beauty of the day, the special nature of our love as 30-40 year olds and the presence that Isaac was for our guests. All the photos of friends and family convey an ease, a naturalness and lightness, only he could capture. When people are comfortable with a gaze, a pose a moment at your special day, it shows. I want to blanket my walls with the sweet smiles he captured that day. Get him now, before the LA celebrity crew is on to this man. Let him share some of the images he has taken and you will “get it” and book him right away.”
— Diyana and Matt, Santa Barbara, California.

“Everybody tells us that they cry when seeing our slideshow. You really captured the emotions so beautifully. We will treasure it all our lives!”
“Isaac was wonderful to work with, we loved our photos of our ranch wedding, he captured the emotion and the natural beauty perfectly.  We had our ceremony on Friday and Isaac worked hard and included ceremony pictures timed to music in our slideshow we showed Saturday night at the reception.  Everybody tells us that they cry when seeing our slideshow, he really captured us so personally and beautifully. We will treasure these photos and slideshow all our lives! You will not be disappointed.  Hire Isaac today!”
— DeAnn and Daniel, Santa Barbara, California.

“Isaac Hernandez is the absolute BEST! He photographed our wedding up in Santa Barbara at El Capitan Canyon, and the photographs are absolutely perfect.. candid and beautiful. Isaac is an amazing artist who manages to not only capture images of people, but also the relationships between them. His background in photojournalism leads him to capture truly “authentic” images instead of those staged typical wedding photographs. I credit Isaac’s photography for capturing not only our celebration, but the mood and feeling of the day and events. We tell all of our friends about Isaac and highly recommend him! Isaac is an extremely talented photographer and we are so happy we chose him for our wedding. If you are looking for a photographer to capture the authentic feeling of your wedding, DEFINITELY choose Isaac. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the hundreds of amazing photographs we have of our wedding. The only difficult decision is deciding which ones to frame and hang in our house because they are all so beautiful!”
— Elizabeth and Michael, Santa Barbara, California. (link to blog entry)

“Isaac has shot some amazing weddings for us, he has a very creative eye and unique style. His shots are really memorable & seem to capture a lot of depth. He shot a huge article on me for the wall street journal as well. I dont like being photographed at all and he spent half a day with my staff, my son, even our pets, in my office, commercial kitchen and our home. I can tell you I never felt more at ease and comfortable in front of a camera than I did with Isaac, hes just very delightful to work with.”
— Lynette LaMere, Pure Joy Catering, Santa Barbara, California.

Some personal notes from brides:

“So very beautiful! We looked through the photos again and were so completely overwhelmed.  You were able to capture such emotional and joyous moments.  We are grateful to you for that.  Your strength, no doubt, is your ability to capture “expression” in either one person’s face or in a shared moment between two.  More than anything we wanted to have a very intimate wedding and your photos really reflect this.  Such a blessing.  You really captured some amazing human moments. Thank you!”
— Lauren and Michael, Los Angeles, California. (link to blog entry)

“Grazie mille Isaac! I am more than pleased with our wedding photos. They came out so beautiful, so natural and effortless–you captured our emotions so well. I’ve received a plethora of compliments from those who we’ve shared our photos with and am forever grateful.”
— Marilou and Ron, Las Vegas, Nevada. (link to blog entry)

“I’m in LOVE with the photos! You are seriously the best.  The folks on both sides haven’t stopped raving about them and saying how lucky we were to get you!”"Isaac, I’m in love.”
— Michelle and David

Yes with my fiancé, but also with your photos. I’m planning my wedding for July 2011 in Santa Barbara and have been looking at website after website of photographers. Your work resonates with me on a completely different level. I’m moved. I laugh aloud. I notice the thoughtfulness of the lighting, the subtle, human moments that you illuminate, and the ease of the people you’re shooting. I know that it is going to be important to find a photographer who I can connect with personally. I appreciate the choices you’ve made as an artist and photojournalist—to capture childbirth and environmental issues. In particular.”
— Michelle and David, before the wedding.

Wow! Having you join in and document our wedding was a tremendous gift and you were a critical part of making that day a marvelous success.
Your open, playful energy put our guests, family and wedding party at ease. Both of us were also touched by your thoughtful gift of a framed image from the ceremony and we display it proudly in our living room.”
— Diyana and Matt

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