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Five Fathers for Father’s Day

In honor of all fathers, and all mothers (because you need a mother to make a father), I’m posting some photos from my archives featuring fathers. Happy Father’s Day! Magic Johnson and his daughter. Los Angeles, 1998.Mario Chavez kisses his son across the US/Mexico border. He cannot travel into Mexico because he’s on parole, and […]

Laguna Beach Wedding

I’m a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, and I love it here. And I also love to travel, especially for a wedding. Last spring I went from photographing EcoHeroes in New York straight into photographing a wedding in Laguna Beach. The ceremony was at St. Francis by the Sea, “The American Catholic Church”, a cute tiny building […]

Natural births

At the birth of my children, I gained tremendous amounts of respect for all mothers. If every man in the world was to watch a natural birth, all mothers would be more appreciated and the world would be a better place. I’ve been blessed to photograph a couple of natural births, one in a hospital […]

Weddings make me happy (Inspiration from Elings Park)

“So very beautiful! We looked through the photos again and were so completely overwhelmed. You were able to capture such emotional and joyous moments. We are grateful to you for that. Your strength, no doubt, is your ability to capture “expression” in either one person’s face or in a shared moment between two. More than anything we wanted to […]

Winter Wedding in Santa Barbara

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I would share some photos from the latest wedding I photographed, to start 2011 with happy thoughts. We’re grateful that the weather in Santa Barbara is warm enough to have a wedding in December. It was actually a bit chilly, but the sun came out just as the bride, […]

Santa Barbara Birth Center Photo Session

I’m a big fan of natural births. At the birth of my children, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for all mothers. If every man was to witness a natural birth, the world would be a better place. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to take photos at the Santa Barbara Birth Center Open House, on […]

Santa Barbara Family Portraits for the holidays

I love Santa Barbara and I love photography. I love my community, its people, its environment. And I love photographing all of it. I look forward to the winter holidays not for the presents or the decorated houses, but for the family time spent together. I’m very fortunate that I get to illustrate the family […]

Wedding photographers in Santa Barbara

There are many great wedding photographers in Santa Barbara. I trust Lynette La Mere, from Pure Joy  Catering, to have picked some of the best photographers on her website. She must have great taste, since she put me in there too. I photographed Lynette and her son for a story in The Wall Street Journal. […]