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Santa Barbara Summer Wedding: Karstyn and Jesse

Please enjoy this selection of photos that may serve as inspiration for your Santa Barbara wedding. Thank you, Karstyn and Jesse, for inviting me to be your wedding photographer. It’s an honor that I don’t take lightly. Summertime and the winning is easy. While Santa Barbara was resting after the amazing Solstice Parade, Karstyn was […]

Lauren and Michael, Santa Barbara Wedding Photography Slideshow

The Wedding of Lauren and Michael from Isaac Hernandez on Vimeo. You may remember this wedding from a previous post, but I had promised Lauren and Michael a slideshow to their music of choice. And here it is. They chose “In My Life” by The Beatles for the first part of this slideshow because that’s […]

Weddings make me happy (Inspiration from Elings Park)

“So very beautiful! We looked through the photos again and were so completely overwhelmed. You were able to capture such emotional and joyous moments. We are grateful to you for that. Your strength, no doubt, is your ability to capture “expression” in either one person’s face or in a shared moment between two. More than anything we wanted to […]

Wedding photographers in Santa Barbara

There are many great wedding photographers in Santa Barbara. I trust Lynette La Mere, from Pure Joy  Catering, to have picked some of the best photographers on her website. She must have great taste, since she put me in there too. I photographed Lynette and her son for a story in The Wall Street Journal. […]