Dream Ojai Wedding

Kendall and Hagen Dream Wedding from Isaac Hernandez on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure to again work alongside the magnificent team assembled by Merryl Brown Events for this romantic wedding in the intimate Ojai Valley Inn Herb Garden, complete with the couple’s baby in her antique, flower-draped pram. After the cutting of the cake, the guests were surprised with a patisserie and a charcuterie to die for. The patisserie was anybody’s childhood fantasy come true.

I loved shooting and editing this video, but I love even more to hear the reaction of the groom and the bride:

Dear Isaac,

I got home from work at 9pm and have watched your video 5 times with my wife (she’s watched it about 10 times).

We are in shock, it is a glimpse into a moment in time, a captured memory. Something we can share in our life and our children can share in the future.

What a gift.

It is an amazing short film and a true piece of art and Americana, so very well done.

With all our thanks for the art, sincerely,

Hagen and Kendall

Later I received a letter from the father of the bride:


Forgive me for the length of time it has taken me to write to you .

I cannot fully express to you how touching I found the video you shot and edited for my daughter’s wedding in Ojai. It is simply amazing and so masterfully put together that the more I’ve watched it, the more brilliant I find it.

I watched how hard you worked throughout her wedding day and how diligently you attempted to capture every important moment. How you condensed so much into a video that both captures the spirit and beauty of the whole ceremony and reception is beyond me.

My daughter, Kendall, loves this work of art and watches it regularly as do I. One of my dear friends who saw it and was not at the wedding, commented that this is a gift my family will have forever.

There is a clip in the video that I find illustrates who my daughter is at her core. She is holding her daughter above her head with a look of pure joy and peace on her face as she looks into her baby’s eyes. Her face reflects the love she possesses and the essence of who she is. The happiness she feels is so apparent that I’m taken by it. Thank you for this.

You are a true artist. My daughter and her husband and our family were blessed to have your genius touch all of us. You gave us a gift for a lifetime.

Thank you…..

Warm Regards,


It feels good to be appreciated, but even better to make people happy. I look forward to filming and photographing more weddings in Santa Barbara, Ojai and beyond.

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